My One Word: A spiritual practice

I chose the word Brave this year as my one word.


Here is a list of things I accomplished (just off the top of my head) in 2015 so far that I would not have if I not chosen this word:

  • Got on an airplane for the first time since 1989
  • Let two (non family members) read the draft of my first novel
  • Created a Pecha Kucha slideshow which I presented to a group of about 200 people at show in Kennebunkport (did I mention that I am terrified of public speaking?)
  • Volunteered at The Dempsey Challenge in the Reiki Tent
  • Created my website and Facebook page to get my business started
  • Made some videos and posted them to a work-in-progress YouTube channel and then gave a small group of people access to (gasp!) view them

This is not a complete list. I am sure the moment that I post this I will think of dozens other Brave Things I have done this year, but so what? The point is that my life is different less than one year later because I chose this word.

Learn more about this practice here:

Choose a word that is out of your comfort zone! See where it takes you! If you are not benefiting from your choice, you can always revise your word. Need help choosing? Look here. Maybe a synonym will feel more correct for you, or even an antonym! Remember: YOU make the rules.

Once you choose it, post your word in the comment section below! Put yourself out there! Be BRAVE! 🙂


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