Toeing the line

I was receiving a distance energy healing session yesterday when something the healer said brought up a memory of a past event.


When I was twelve, we had a rule about going to a friend’s house: if the parents weren’t there, I wasn’t allowed to go. Period. I knew not to even bother trying to argue the point.  So, one day my friend invited me over after school. I knew her parents were both elsewhere, but I heard myself saying, “Sure!” and I went anyway.

They had a free-standing couch and while I was talking to my friend, I was standing behind it with my forearms resting on the back of it. I thought it would be fun to pick my feet up off the floor, allowing my weight to cause the couch to start to tip backward and then put my feet back down right at the last minute to keep it from actually tipping over.

Only something went wrong. I must have misjudged the timing because suddenly, instead of landing on the balls of my feet and stopping the momentum of the couch, it tipped over fully and landed on me.

When I got up off the floor, I realized something was wrong. I had a lot of pain in my toes and was having trouble walking. I made excuses and told my friend I had to leave.

Was she aware that I’d gotten hurt? I’m not sure.

The outcome was that I had broken both of my big toes. It turns out, your big toes play a big role in your ability to walk. I wound up with built up shoes and crutches for weeks thereafter. The radiologist in the ER was very impressed that I’d broken them both in exactly the same place. Apparently, this was pretty unusual.

I never told my parents how it really happened.

I think I just told them I tripped and fell while I was walking home from school. To this day, I’m not sure if ever told any one else what really happened. During today’s energy healing session, the story just came out. I realized that finally, I was releasing it.

My point here is that there are so many levels of healing! You never know what might be connected to physical symptoms you are having.

Trust that your intuitively led behavior is always being guided for your highest good.



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