Angels and pennies

I was at the Community Market with my books today, trying not to feel discouraged by how slow it was, and the most amazing thing happened. I had a pocketful of pennies that I brought to make change when I sold a book. The first one that I gave to someone caught my eye because... Continue Reading →


My One Word: A spiritual practice

I chose the word Brave this year as my one word. Here is a list of things I accomplished (just off the top of my head) in 2015 so far that I would not have if I not chosen this word: Got on an airplane for the first time since 1989 Let two (non family... Continue Reading →

A Challenge

I am very proud to be volunteering at The Dempsey Challenge this weekend. I was first drawn to Patrick Dempsey as a fan when I discovered that he has dyslexia. This caught my attention because dyslexia runs in my family.  I often point to him as a role model for children with dyslexia:  "Look what he... Continue Reading →

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