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“The twenty-first century health care system is designed around diseases. It needs to switch from disease-centric to human being-centric.” -B.J. Miller, SuperSoul Sunday 5/29/17.

About me:  I have always been interested in how people heal.

My father was hit by a car when I was four years old. They saved his life, but he became a life-long patient, dying of cancer when he was only sixty years old. I was rarely impressed by how he fared under the traditional medical model. As an adult, I became an RN. I thought maybe I could help change this experience, if not for my own parents, then at least for the patients in my care.

As time went on, I realized this simple truth:

The allopathic medical model was more interested in keeping people sick than helping them heal. 

After working in several different nursing specialties, I felt called to Hospice Nursing. Hospice enabled me to provide the most patient-centered care that I had been able to up to that point in my career. Hospice care did not exclude or look down on the ‘alternative/complementary’ healing modalities. Rather, it embraced them!

I was initially attracted to energy healing because I loved how these healers put their clients’ needs first and I knew that I wanted to help people that way. We meet the clients where they are, ask them what they need, and then do our best to provide it in a loving, supportive environment.

This aligns with my vision of health care!

My mission is to provide partnership and resources to help you make meaningful, informed decisions so that you can take good care of yourself and your family.
I blend metaphysical (holistic) healing with close to twenty-five years of nursing practice to empower you to navigate the healthcare system with confidence so that you can create more robust health and well-being.
I use tools, such as Oracle Cards and Crystals (when I feel called to), in my practice.
Oracle Cards can help provide you with insight and guidance.
cards pk
Crystals are beautiful, are easy to use, and they want to work for and with you.
 favorite crystals pk
Because everyone is different, the path to health and well-being is personal and unique.
There are many other metaphysical tools available to us! We can explore them together to design a plan that meets your needs.

A little more about me: I am a married mother of two children who have suddenly become adults! My professional memberships include the American Holistic Nurses Association and Maine Writers and Publishers Association. I am also the author of two novels. I’m excited to tell you that my first book about holistic health will be published in 2018!

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