New Blood Pressure Guidelines

The American Heart Association has announced new blood pressure guidelines.

What does this mean for you?

Usually, when new guidelines for blood pressure are announced, what is really happening is that the bar is being lowered to make more people who were healthy a minute ago be hypertensive now.

I call it “The Patient-ification” of healthy Americans.

By the prior guidelines, you would be diagnosed with hypertension (high blood pressure) if you got readings (usually three consecutive, but I have heard of someone being handed a prescription for Norvasc after one high reading) of 140/90 or higher. Now the guidelines have dropped the range to allow doctors to diagnose you with hypertension if your blood pressure reading is higher than 130/80. Seriously, now “nearly half of American adults” will be considered to have high blood pressure.

*Please note: when you are having your blood pressure checked, make sure the correct size cuff for your arm is being used, or else you will get a false reading. Some people need the large adult size cuff rather than the standard size. Some adults actually need a pediatric cuff to get an accurate reading. Here is a video to demonstrate how to tell what size you need:

This means that the drug companies now have a brand new pool of people to which they can market their blood pressure medicines. 

Not interested in being medicated for your blood pressure? There is a list of ten things you can do to help yourself improve your  numbers from the MayoClinic.  These suggestions will give you some guidance about how you can begin to take control of the day-to-day decisions you make that may impact your blood pressure.

You won’t be surprised to learn that this list includes healthy eating, adequate exercise, reducing caffeine and sodium, and stress reduction. Oh, and could it be possible that you are still a smoker?

“So what, are you, like, the last member?” Quit smoking already!


The top five mistakes you’re making at the doctor’s office

I have been a nurse for a long time. I have seen a lot of heartbreaking things over the years, but none more heartbreaking than this:

A patient who has given her power away.

When you go to the hairdresser, do you suddenly forget your wants or needs, your values and what is important to you, and just do whatever the professional dictates? Of course not! It’s a two-way conversation where you express your concerns, your preferences, your expectations, and the professional collaborates with you to achieve the desired outcome. This is exactly what you should do with your primary care physician!

Do not hand over they reigns to your health to your physician. The have medical opinions and possibly expertise, but you are the expert on you. 

So what mistakes are you making at the doctor’s office?

  1. Not having all of your questions and concerns for your appointment written out in advance.
  2. Not asking why a test is being ordered and what you will do with the results it provides once you have them.
  3. Assuming that you must take the pill that is prescribed.
  4. Not asking if there is a less invasive option than a surgery to treat your health issue.
  5. Failing to realize that you may be able to help yourself resolve the problem through lifestyle changes, such as by reducing your stress, increasing your exercise, and eating better.

Remember that you are still in charge, even in the doctor’s office!

You are not a sheep (sorry, sheep).

You are an intelligent human being who knows herself better than anyone else. You may need help to discover what is causing your health issue, or advice about how to stay well in the face of a chronic health condition, but you always have the final say and choice about what treatment options you want to try and which ones you want to decline.

You have the power! Don’t give it away!


The Rock Whisperer

I was walking at the beach and, as usual, I found myself unconsciously looking for rocks. I love rocks! Anyway, when I became aware of what I was doing,  I had the thought that maybe I should try being fully present and deliberative as I looked this time.

I set an intention to find my favorite blue rocks, but with a twist. I asked to find the ones with what I think of as ‘the faces’ on them. Almost right away one showed up. That’s the blue one on the right, above. Next, I asked for another one to be extra sure that I actually did attract the first one. That’s when the white one showed up. It’s above on the left. I think this one was white because I associate that color with the angels, and perhaps it was an angel assisting me in my quest at that moment.

I found another blue one that was sort of flat on the top, and first I thought it looked like a pedestal, and then I realized it was that, an altar, really, and that I should use it to elevate the first two. Literally and figuratively.

I decided to be really bold (since hey, this was going pretty well!) and ask, ‘What should I call you?’ And then I heard quite clearly, ‘We are your connectors’.

I am claiming this title, right here, right now:



John Edward was in Portland, Maine

The last time John Edward came to Portland, I wanted to go. I’d read some of his books, taken some of his free online classes, and watched his TV show, Evolve. I couldn’t wait to see him in person!

Alas, was unable to find anyone to go with, so I stayed home.

This year when I saw he was coming again, I still wanted to go. I figured that if one year later I was still dying to see him, I had to go. The story was the same, though. I couldn’t find anyone to go with me. I also had family commitments that precluded me from going.

Hello? Disappointment!

At the eleventh hour, the planets aligned and my schedule opened up. I decided to be brave and go by myself. I even got a big discount on my ticket!

It was so worth going. I loved every minute of this show. I didn’t get a reading myself, but what John said at the outset was true: if you get a reading, you wind up missing a lot of what happens after. I was there to learn, and I did learn. A lot.

Plus, John and his announcer/friend Katrina are funny! And warm! And caring! Everything you want in a human being.

John’s spirit messages for the families that did receive readings were incredibly accurate. He doesn’t let people bully him (and surprisingly, someone did try to) into making his information fit their story. He insists on accuracy and validation and it makes a huge difference in the quality of the readings.

If John ever comes back to my area, I am so going again.

Even if it’s by myself.

Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards

I have a new favorite deck of oracle cards: Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray, with artwork by Lily Moses.  The images in this deck are beautiful, and there is just enough information on the cards themselves to get you rolling with receiving your message, and the expanded information in the booklet that comes with it can give depth to your readings  you might otherwise not find, especially if you are just starting out.

But this isn’t just for novices. I recommend this deck for people experienced with working with oracle cards as well. There are several layouts for your cards that are explained by Kyle Gray in the enclosed booklet, but of course, you can always just do whatever you are guided to do!


I discovered that there is a video on YouTube of the deck’s creator using the cards to demonstrate doing a two card and a seven card spread. I am including the link here because it I enjoyed watching it and learned from it. I hope you do, too!

What are some of your favorite oracle card decks to work with?

Happiness at the Saco River Market

jggreenthinking-jenniferNext time you go to the Saco Market in Biddeford, make sure you experience the therapeutic scents from Green Thinking.

I met Jennifer Greiner at the market when I overheard someone asking her about her ‘Grounded’ and ‘Happiness’ rollers and I went over to investigate. She invited me to try out some of the samples, and I had a hard time picking out a favorite. She suggested I put it on and wait a little while, sort of sit with it, until I was sure. This was a great strategy.

Jennifer makes the different blends herself, using doTERRA Essential Oils. I fell in love with the ‘Happiness’ blend and had to have it! I have been wearing it every day since. Her products are all natural and will be a nice addition to your wellness plan.

Two of her bestsellers are ‘Breathe’ and ‘Sleepy Time’. Stop by to see Jennifer at the market and ask for a sample! You can also check out her Facebook page for more information here: Green Thinking


Dream a little dream

Dream a little dream blog photo karencoachesWe all dream during REM sleep. Maybe some of us are better at it than others: vivid color! Logical linear timeline! People you love! Rainbows and butterflies! But we all do it. We just don’t all remember doing it.

There is plenty of advice out there about how to remember your dreams, such as programming yourself to wake up after your dream by telling yourself you will do this before you go to bed. Or, asking your guides and angels to please remind you what your dream message was. Writing it down as soon as you wake up-even if it’s in the middle of the night-can also work.

I have tried all of these measures, but the method that has worked the best for my by far is to voice record the dream as soon as I wake up-yes, even if it’s in the middle of the night! Hey, if you have a train to catch and you are not a morning person, it can be hard. I get it. No pressure. You don’t have to do it every time, but do it any time you can.

I know this works, because I have at least five dreams right now recorded on my iPhone that I have no memory of otherwise. It’s fascinating to listen to your half-awake self relaying dream sequences that you don’t even remember having, nevermind recording! Also, you can talk much faster than you can write, so this process enables you to catch details that you might otherwise forget.

It also gives you plenty of time to write them down later, stopping the recording to give your pen time to catch up with your voice. I find this process helps me with decoding my dreams as well. I have experience flashes of insight during the transcription process that I feel I would not otherwise have had.

Try it! Let me know how it works for you! Visit my blog:, and my Facebook page: Metaphysical Nurse.