My fat jeans are too tight!

I am working on losing weight (yes, still; yes again) and it occurred to me that although misery loves company, maybe victory does, too.

Also, I know that accountability is a very important component of achieving any goal–at least, I’ve discovered this truth applies to me.

I decided a week ago that it was time to dust off my Weight Watchers food scale.

I am a health coach and I talk to people every day who say they want to weigh less, but they are not really doing much (if anything) about it. I offer to help them and they decline. Why do they do this?

Because they already know how to do it.

And, let’s face it. Isn’t that the truth? We already know (probably on many levels) what is best for us. We just don’t act on that information.

Well, it’s time to act. Clarity comes with action, not stagnation. Get up off the couch. Make the decision. Take the first step.

I started a week ago. I am doing it. I am succeeding. I want to share this victory with you. Starting 3/21 (as in “3-2-1 lift off!”) you can join the Honor Your Health Facebook Group (for free!) if you want a shot at buying smaller-instead-of-bigger jeans, too!

Join here:

(If I build this, will you come?)

After all, these pounds aren’t going to lose themselves!

*Disclaimer: Results are only guaranteed by YOU.


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