Envision your new year

Consider making a vision board, or collage, or SoulCollage (TM) card for 2016.  If you have chosen a word for this year, you may want to incorporate this into your project in some way, either by putting the actual word in your work, or choosing images that evoke the feeling that your word gives you when you think about it.

vision board

There are many ways to get images for free or very inexpensively:

  1. Old magazines from the library, or from a dentist’s or doctor’s office.
  2. The Dollar Store sometimes has inexpensive books that have interesting images in them.
  3. Old calendars are also often a good source. I found a horse calendar from the feed store that was full of beautiful pictures of horses.
  4. You can print images from your computer, including your personal photos, if you would like to use them.

These are just some ideas to get you going.

What can you create for yourself in 2016?

FULL DISCLOSURE: I have not yet done my vision board for 2016! A friend who is also having trouble getting hers done mentioned that Mercury has been retrograde…aha! It’s not my fault! I have cut out many images and bought a lovely blue poster board, but that’s it.  The photo here is of last year’s board.

Feel free to post a picture of your own creation in the comments below.



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