Dream a little dream

Dream a little dream blog photo karencoachesWe all dream during REM sleep. Maybe some of us are better at it than others: vivid color! Logical linear timeline! People you love! Rainbows and butterflies! But we all do it. We just don’t all remember doing it.

There is plenty of advice out there about how to remember your dreams, such as programming yourself to wake up after your dream by telling yourself you will do this before you go to bed. Or, asking your guides and angels to please remind you what your dream message was. Writing it down as soon as you wake up-even if it’s in the middle of the night-can also work.

I have tried all of these measures, but the method that has worked the best for my by far is to voice record the dream as soon as I wake up-yes, even if it’s in the middle of the night! Hey, if you have a train to catch and you are not a morning person, it can be hard. I get it. No pressure. You don’t have to do it every time, but do it any time you can.

I know this works, because I have at least five dreams right now recorded on my iPhone that I have no memory of otherwise. It’s fascinating to listen to your half-awake self relaying dream sequences that you don’t even remember having, nevermind recording! Also, you can talk much faster than you can write, so this process enables you to catch details that you might otherwise forget.

It also gives you plenty of time to write them down later, stopping the recording to give your pen time to catch up with your voice. I find this process helps me with decoding my dreams as well. I have experience flashes of insight during the transcription process that I feel I would not otherwise have had.

Try it! Let me know how it works for you! Visit my blog: karencoaches.com, and my Facebook page: Metaphysical Nurse.

Manifesting Money

I was in the drive through at the bank with my husband, waiting while the teller was counting out our deposit.

horizontal money

While I was waiting, I started thinking: “I am a money magnet!” and  “Wealth is just pouring into my life at a rapid rate now!”

Why not? I had to sit there and wait anyway.  MIght as well make it fun.

Then, we heard her call us over the microphone:

“There’s an extra $70 here. Did you want to deposit that, too?”

Yes! Please!

Thank you, Universe!


BOOK REVIEW: A Still, Small Voice by Echo Bodine

I was in the middle of two other books when I suddenly felt an urgency to read this book. Echo Bodine still small coverI picked this one up and put the others aside. I read another book by this author last year, Hands That Heal, and enjoyed it very much. This book popped up in much the same way, out of the blue. I forget how I even learned about it!

So right at the beginning, Echo talks about listening to her mother. This resonated with me because just this week, I was talking someone (My husband? My daughter? My higher self? I forget!) about how I never listened to my mother. I have no idea why I didn’t. But my mom, as Echo describes her mom, “…always had an uncanny knowing about everything that happened in our lives.”  It was unsettling, I always thought. Now I know why: it was her intuition.

As has been happening so often to me lately, a few things fell into place for me as I read this book. On page 62, Echo talks about when you hear a voice call your name out loudly and distinctly and then when you turn to see who it is, there’s no one there. This has happened to me! The most dramatic instance was when I was awakened from a sound sleep by someone yelling, “Karen!”

I woke right up. There was my husband, clearly out cold, next to me. I waited but then I asked him in the morning anyway if he had yelled out my name in the middle of the night. Of course, he had no idea what I was talking about. He was asleep! Echo describes this as hearing with your psychic ears. Aha! This really does happen! It has happened to other people, too!

The bright white light I have recently  begun to see in meditation also was als clarified for me in this book, on page 84.

Anyway, I enjoyed this book very much and I think you will as well. I highly recommend it.

Which crystals to bring to your book sale

I was packing up my stuff to bring to my book sale and signing, when it occurred to me that maybe some of my crystals wanted to come with me. Which ones, though? I could see that the rose quartz was dying to come with. Rose quartz is all about love, and so is my book. Loving others, but also loving oneself. Rose quartz? You are so coming to the party.

book sale crystals

Citrine was another no-brainer. Hello? Prosperity!!! Abundance!!! Bring it.

Celestite: Calming. Aids communication. Yes, I need that. I added it to the pile. I also wore a blue lace agate necklace. This stone helps with clarity and communication as well. I love it!

blue lace agate

Finally, orange calcite. Helps balance shyness and brings joy. YES! I need that too!

Oh, there was one more: moss agate. Just because it wanted to come. And it’s green. You know. The color of money.

It is a book sale, after all.


What to call your book

I have been working on a book about my metaphysical practices for about six months now, and it’s going very well, except for one thing.
I am not sure what to call it!  It’s not that I can’t think of a title, it’s that I can think of so many titles that I don’t know which one to pick. This also happened to me when I was writing my novel, One Brave Thing.

Dream blog photo

One day, I had a very vivid dream, where I heard a phrase very clearly, and it woke me up. I didn’t even have to write this down, it was so clear (but of course, I did!). When I first got it, I wasn’t sure of its significance.  Of course, I knew it was important, I just wasn’t sure why.

And then I told someone about the dream. And she immediately said, ‘That’s your next book title’.


You can’t make this stuff up.

BOOK REVIEW: Growing Up Psychic by Chip Coffey

You don’t have to suspect your child of psychic tendencies to enjoy Growing Up Psychic book coverreading Growing Up Psychic by Chip Coffey, but if you do, then you’ve found your book. Chip knows his topic from both sides of the equation. He was a psychic kid, and he has worked extensively to help other psychic kids understand, appreciate, and own their individual gifts. He likens psychic ability with, say, the ability to play the flute. He levels the playing field, and thereby makes psychic kids just…kids. Every kid is special and every kid has their own unique abilities. The trick is to foster their confidence and understanding and keep ignorance-related fear at bay.

I was interested to learn that the author warns (p 51) against using Ouija Boards (hello, dead Roman Soldier? No, thanks! You are SO not invited!) because this is not the first time I have heard this. I believe that John Edward also holds this point of view. Forewarned.

There are useful  tips for you if you are a person who is interested in meeting her spirit guides, or who struggles with meditation, or who just likes to read about ghosts.

Bottom line: Chip gives useful, concrete, easy-to-apply tools for helping your child, and isn’t that what every parent wants?

Thank you, Chip, for shining this healing light on this topic.

Addendum: This is my favorite quote from the book (pp 95-96): “…I’m now over fifty years old and if I ever managed to get into a lotus position I’d probably be stuck there for the rest of my life.”

Can you relate? 🙂

Thanks to Melissa Boyd for recommending this book!

How much is that doggie?

I met a doggie at Zen and Company that my friends Sue and Don are fostering. A troubled dog. A dog that was in trouble. The kind of dog that probably wouldn’t be the first choice of many people to take home. An imperfect dog. Flawed.

Her name? Here’s the thing: whenever I think, What’s her name? I immediately hear, “Ivy”. But that’s not her name.

Her name is Piper Sage. Piper Sage is the luckiest unlucky dog in the world, because she is now with Sue and Don, who have big compassionate hearts that are wrapping Ivy–I mean Piper–in love and protection and support right now. They have done it before for other dogs, and they will surely do it again for new, as yet unmet, dogs.  Lucky dogs.

Anyway,  a wonderful organization that also helps these dogs is NovaStar Rescue, based in Arkansas. The point? Well, there are many dog there that are waiting for families to choose them. While they wait, they need people to take care of them. Hello, calling all imperfect families! Maybe an imperfect dog would fit your family perfectly?

Just a thought. Why not see?

If not, maybe you might consider helping in some other way. I think it’s always a good idea to encourage and support anyone that is doing compassionate work to alleviate the suffering of any being. This work helps us all.


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