Guided Meditation App

Today in the Metaphysical Monday tip on Facebook I mentioned the Simply Being App. My friend Jody told me about it years ago, and I love its versatility.  Here it is:     If you try it,  comment below to let me  know what you think!

Angel and oracle cards

You can book a card reading (either with me-see my metaphysical services page or with others) to have an angel card reading, but you can also do your own! There are dozens and dozens (hundreds?) of different card decks out there, so you are certain to find cards that resonate with you. Some excellent stores, like... Continue Reading →

Wish rocks

I first learned about wish rocks years and years ago from an article about them I read in a magazine (sorry, I forget which one) by (I think) Pamela Redmond Satran. A wish rock is a rock that has a stripe that goes all the way around the circumference of it. It can be thick... Continue Reading →


Maybe the first name that comes to mind when  you think of affirmations is Louise Hay, but maybe the first name you think of should be your own. What exactly are affirmations, anyway? Simply this: something that you tell yourself, over and over. We all use affirmations every single day, whether we know it or... Continue Reading →

Envision your new year

Consider making a vision board, or collage, or SoulCollage (TM) card for 2016.  If you have chosen a word for this year, you may want to incorporate this into your project in some way, either by putting the actual word in your work, or choosing images that evoke the feeling that your word gives you when... Continue Reading →

Give it up

I was at Holy Yoga this morning and our (awesome) teacher gave us a task: write your worries down on a post it note.  Anything you are worrying about is 'not putting food on the table' (I believe I am paraphrasing Susan the teacher who was quoting Max Lucado here). We were literally going to... Continue Reading →

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