Angel and oracle cards

You can book a card reading (either with me-see my metaphysical services page or with others) to have an angel cardsangel card reading, but you can also do your own! There are dozens and dozens (hundreds?) of different card decks out there, so you are certain to find cards that resonate with you. Some excellent stores, like Zen and Company, have open boxes of the card decks so you can see what the cards actually look like and if they speak to you before you buy them.

As for how to give yourself a reading, every deck I have ever used comes with instructions and often a little guide book to help you get started. There is no shortage of how-to videos on You Tube to help you learn as well. The best guide, however, is your own intuition. The more you work with your cards, the more confident you will feel that you are getting accurate insights from them.

Give it a try!


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