How much is that doggie?

I met a doggie at Zen and Company that my friends Sue and Don are fostering. A troubled dog. A dog that was in trouble. The kind of dog that probably wouldn’t be the first choice of many people to take home. An imperfect dog. Flawed.

Her name? Here’s the thing: whenever I think, What’s her name? I immediately hear, “Ivy”. But that’s not her name.

Her name is Piper Sage. Piper Sage is the luckiest unlucky dog in the world, because she is now with Sue and Don, who have big compassionate hearts that are wrapping Ivy–I mean Piper–in love and protection and support right now. They have done it before for other dogs, and they will surely do it again for new, as yet unmet, dogs.  Lucky dogs.

Anyway,  a wonderful organization that also helps these dogs is NovaStar Rescue, based in Arkansas. The point? Well, there are many dog there that are waiting for families to choose them. While they wait, they need people to take care of them. Hello, calling all imperfect families! Maybe an imperfect dog would fit your family perfectly?

Just a thought. Why not see?

If not, maybe you might consider helping in some other way. I think it’s always a good idea to encourage and support anyone that is doing compassionate work to alleviate the suffering of any being. This work helps us all.



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