On the right track?

I get a lot of my big ideas near the water, and often that means at the ocean.  One particular day when I was dreaming big and wondering if it was too big, I asked the Universe, “Am I on the right track with this?”


I kept listening for an answer, and the signs arrived pretty soon thereafter. I saw a mussel shell, a small one, that reminded me of my childhood when I often spent summer days at Nantasket Beach with my grandmother. I collected these shells and kept them in a shoebox on her front porch.

Next I found a blue rock, my favorite blue ocean quartz. I have dozens and dozens of these beautiful stones. They make me happy.

Finally, I found a lovely piece of teal sea glass, rare around here these days. Suddenly, I realized that I had received not one, but three signs that I was, indeed, on the right track.

Hello, Universe? You had me at mussel shell.


Pay attention to the signs that show up in your own life today!



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