BOOK REVIEW: Growing Up Psychic by Chip Coffey

You don’t have to suspect your child of psychic tendencies to enjoy Growing Up Psychic book coverreading Growing Up Psychic by Chip Coffey, but if you do, then you’ve found your book. Chip knows his topic from both sides of the equation. He was a psychic kid, and he has worked extensively to help other psychic kids understand, appreciate, and own their individual gifts. He likens psychic ability with, say, the ability to play the flute. He levels the playing field, and thereby makes psychic kids just…kids. Every kid is special and every kid has their own unique abilities. The trick is to foster their confidence and understanding and keep ignorance-related fear at bay.

I was interested to learn that the author warns (p 51) against using Ouija Boards (hello, dead Roman Soldier? No, thanks! You are SO not invited!) because this is not the first time I have heard this. I believe that John Edward also holds this point of view. Forewarned.

There are useful  tips for you if you are a person who is interested in meeting her spirit guides, or who struggles with meditation, or who just likes to read about ghosts.

Bottom line: Chip gives useful, concrete, easy-to-apply tools for helping your child, and isn’t that what every parent wants?

Thank you, Chip, for shining this healing light on this topic.

Addendum: This is my favorite quote from the book (pp 95-96): “…I’m now over fifty years old and if I ever managed to get into a lotus position I’d probably be stuck there for the rest of my life.”

Can you relate? 🙂

Thanks to Melissa Boyd for recommending this book!


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