Never break the chain

I am trying to get motivated and get moving again, now that it’s May. Notice I didn’t say ‘warming up’? Because it was in the 30’s last night, for goodness sake!
I have to get moving though, because when it was in the 70’s for 5 minutes back in April, I thought, hey, it’s time. The clothes are, you know, shrinking.
So here’s my tip (which I am borrowing from Jerry Seinfeld, which you already know if you follow my Metaphysical Nurse Facebook page): cross off every day that you complete your goal. For me right now, it’s exercise. Get yourself a string of x’s and you’ll see: you won’t want to miss a day because you won’t want to break the chain.

calendar 3 calendar 1
Feel free to decorate your calendar! I got mine free at the hairdresser that I go to. You can also find good ones cheap at The Dollar Store, and probably also Michael’s. Make it fun!



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