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Verde 2 with Heron photo by Esther Shapiro used with permission
Verde River, Camp Verde, Az. Great Blue Heron photo by Esther Shapiro used with permission

Last week I was driving by the river near my house and saw a Great Blue Heron from the corner of my eye. Amazing! So beautiful! He (I believe) held himself motionless in the river for several seconds so that I could be sure of what I was seeing.

My husband said, “You probably just saw a stick.”

A day or so later, passing by the same river, I saw it again! I had the exact same thought that I am having now as I tell you about it: Amazing!
This time my husband was with me and also saw it. Stick? Ha! I think not!
I was sorry I wasn’t able to get a photo of my heron, and then the next day when I went to work, there he was! The Great Blue Heron was sitting in my email inbox, sent by a friend and colleague, Esther,(who wrote a wonderful book that I reviewed on my other blog, kwrites (just click on her name to read the book review).

Here is some wisdom about this animal from the excellent website :

GREAT BLUE HERON– Take some time for self-examination, reflecting dispassionately on your goals, motivations, actions, feelings, strengths and limiting beliefs. Only you know what’s best for you, so follow your inner wisdom and guidance rather than the dictates and pressures of others.
What about you? What animals are showing up for you lately? Post below!

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