Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards

I have a new favorite deck of oracle cards: Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray, with artwork by Lily Moses.  The images in this deck are beautiful, and there is just enough information on the cards themselves to get you rolling with receiving your message, and the expanded information in the booklet that comes with it can give depth to your readings  you might otherwise not find, especially if you are just starting out.

But this isn’t just for novices. I recommend this deck for people experienced with working with oracle cards as well. There are several layouts for your cards that are explained by Kyle Gray in the enclosed booklet, but of course, you can always just do whatever you are guided to do!


I discovered that there is a video on YouTube of the deck’s creator using the cards to demonstrate doing a two card and a seven card spread. I am including the link here because it I enjoyed watching it and learned from it. I hope you do, too!

What are some of your favorite oracle card decks to work with?


Like attracts like in 3 acts

I have been experiencing serendipities lately, that “like attracts like” thing.


Yay! Chicken Parm! From #2

  1. My author friend Kathy suggested that I look into getting my novel on the shelf at Letterpress Books. The two women I talked to there were named Karen and Kathy. As you might have already noticed, my name is Karen! and my friend’s name is Kathy!
  2. I was at a restaurant with my daughter recently. The place was packed and the staff was overwhelmed. The person who should have been waiting on us was cursing under his breath, and oh, leaving us sitting there and so not waiting on us. My own anger flared, and then I thought, WWWDD (What Would Wayne Dyer Do)? So, I decided to lead with compassion when I talked to him. And it turned out very well. He went out of his way to make things nice for us after that.
  3. I was at the register in a store and a woman was buying a deck of oracle cards. I heard her say she was a Gemini, then I heard the cashier say that she was a Gemini. I chimed in, “Hey, I’m a Gemini, too!” “When’s your birthday? Mine’s May 27th,” she said. “Oh! Mine’s May 28th!” I said. And then the cashier said, “Mine is (wait for it…) May 30th!” Hmmm…wonder where May 29th was?

Anyway, BOOM.

It’s amazing how many occasions of this you can find when you are looking for them.

Maybe be brave and share your own below. 🙂

Angels and pennies

I was at the Community Market with my books today, trying not to feel discouraged by how slow it was, and the most amazing thing happened.

the angel and the penny poem

I had a pocketful of pennies that I brought to make change when I sold a book. The first one that I gave to someone caught my eye because it was very shiny. I thought, maybe it’s a lucky penny!

I emptied all the pennies out onto the table. I had the idea of separating all the very shiny pennies out and to only use them to make change, so I did that.

I had the idea to send some energy through the pennies to charge them up to be lucky for whomever received them, so I did that.

I carefully stacked the pennies up next to the deck of angel cards I had brought with me.

And then, I happened to glance at Facebook, because I was waiting for a message from someone who was due to come to the market, and I saw  that my friend Barbara had shared a poem posted by The Italian-Sicilian-American Page entitled–wait for it–The Angel and the Penny.

I know, right?

I am including it below (from The Italian-Sicilian-American Page on Facebook)

angel and penny poem

Angel and oracle cards

You can book a card reading (either with me-see my metaphysical services page or with others) to have an angel cardsangel card reading, but you can also do your own! There are dozens and dozens (hundreds?) of different card decks out there, so you are certain to find cards that resonate with you. Some excellent stores, like Zen and Company, have open boxes of the card decks so you can see what the cards actually look like and if they speak to you before you buy them.

As for how to give yourself a reading, every deck I have ever used comes with instructions and often a little guide book to help you get started. There is no shortage of how-to videos on You Tube to help you learn as well. The best guide, however, is your own intuition. The more you work with your cards, the more confident you will feel that you are getting accurate insights from them.

Give it a try!

Review of Magical Times

magical timesI have a lot of Angel Card and Oracle Decks. Full disclosure: I am a collector of the things that I love.


Up until now, I haven’t been drawn to the fairy cards, at least not to the point of actually purchasing a deck.

Then my friend Stacey gave me this deck, Magical Times Empowerment Cards by Jody Bergsma.  I appreciated the gift, but no thrill of anticipation went through me as I held them.

I brought them home. I put them down. I went on with my life for a few days.
And then.

And then, I heard them calling me. I retrieved them from the shelf. I opened them up. I started working with them and surprise! I really love them! I have been drawn to them again and again to pull a card for the day, to supplement a reading from another deck, or just to hold them.
I pulled a card for you, my readers, tonight:


Is there a situation in your life right now in which you are busy judging? What if you take breath, take a step back, and use all of your senses to understand the facts of what is truly happening, without building a story around it? What does your gut tell you is true? You may have a sheep in wolf’s clothing right in front of you. Sit. Reflect.  Take a moment to go deeper and see beneath the surface to what is real.