BOOK REVIEW: Angel Guidance for Wealth

I was approached by the author to do a guest post here on my blog and that’s how this book came to my attention.  Don’t you love it when interesting books find you?

Angel Guidance for Wealth

Any girl ­­­­worth her salt has probably kept a journal or two in her time, whether she privately thought of it as her diary, just a notebook, or a pile of random napkins and Post-its (me!), it provided an outlet for thoughts and feelings that needed to be voiced.

What I love about Z.Z. Rae’s book is that she took the traditional, time-honored concept of the journal and blended it together with keeping a dream journal (which I just started talking about in my Metaphysical Monday videos!) and incorporating messages that come through from angels and guides to create a useful reference that serves us all.

The book spoke directly to me from the start, when Angel Jamuel says to value yourself, and to pay yourself for your hard work. I recently published my first novel (One Brave Thing ) and when I was considering the pricing of the book, Angel Jamuel must have spoken to me through a friend, because she said exactly the same thing to me! I spent five years writing the book! That was worth a lot! It’s a reminder that ‘Hello? There needs to be an energy exchange!’

The idea of one’s money issues in adulthood having originated in childhood via one’s parents’ ideas about money comes up in Chapter 8. I love that every issue addressed in Z.Z.’s book has a tool at the end to help you work with that concept. The idea of ‘acting as if’ is a tool of transformation that I already use quite often. I will consider including Angel Morgan (Chapter 21) in my ‘acting’ in the future!

This book can be read linearly, from start to finish, or you can browse and let your intuition guide you to the chapter or passage that you most need to read at any given time.

This is a great book for writers because it speaks to our fears. What the author calls the ‘what if’s’, I call ‘second guessing’ and ‘talking myself out of’ writing that. The second chapter’s Angel Chamuel’s prayer I already wrote in my, um, journal.


The third chapter brings in one of my other great loves: the ocean.  Other chapters address the concept of supply, expansion, lack, emotions (this reminds me of Esther’s work with Abraham, reminding us to search for better feeling emotions). There is always enough. The universe is abundantly unlimited…limitless! (embed song).

Some takeaways from the book:

  1. Act ‘as if’.
  2. Write down your ideas.
  3. Know your worth.
  4. Listen to your intuition.
  5. Go with your gut.

Time honored advice. It’s good to be reminded.

Some of the angels names were familiar to me, and some were new. It’s nice to meet new angel friends. I recommend this gentle book. Keep it next to your bed.

Or, you know, next to your journal.


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