The Rock Whisperer

I was walking at the beach and, as usual, I found myself unconsciously looking for rocks. I love rocks! Anyway, when I became aware of what I was doing,  I had the thought that maybe I should try being fully present and deliberative as I looked this time.

I set an intention to find my favorite blue rocks, but with a twist. I asked to find the ones with what I think of as ‘the faces’ on them. Almost right away one showed up. That’s the blue one on the right, above. Next, I asked for another one to be extra sure that I actually did attract the first one. That’s when the white one showed up. It’s above on the left. I think this one was white because I associate that color with the angels, and perhaps it was an angel assisting me in my quest at that moment.

I found another blue one that was sort of flat on the top, and first I thought it looked like a pedestal, and then I realized it was that, an altar, really, and that I should use it to elevate the first two. Literally and figuratively.

I decided to be really bold (since hey, this was going pretty well!) and ask, ‘What should I call you?’ And then I heard quite clearly, ‘We are your connectors’.

I am claiming this title, right here, right now:




Angels and pennies

I was at the Community Market with my books today, trying not to feel discouraged by how slow it was, and the most amazing thing happened.

the angel and the penny poem

I had a pocketful of pennies that I brought to make change when I sold a book. The first one that I gave to someone caught my eye because it was very shiny. I thought, maybe it’s a lucky penny!

I emptied all the pennies out onto the table. I had the idea of separating all the very shiny pennies out and to only use them to make change, so I did that.

I had the idea to send some energy through the pennies to charge them up to be lucky for whomever received them, so I did that.

I carefully stacked the pennies up next to the deck of angel cards I had brought with me.

And then, I happened to glance at Facebook, because I was waiting for a message from someone who was due to come to the market, and I saw  that my friend Barbara had shared a poem posted by The Italian-Sicilian-American Page entitled–wait for it–The Angel and the Penny.

I know, right?

I am including it below (from The Italian-Sicilian-American Page on Facebook)

angel and penny poem

BOOK REVIEW: Angel Guidance for Wealth

I was approached by the author to do a guest post here on my blog and that’s how this book came to my attention.  Don’t you love it when interesting books find you?

Angel Guidance for Wealth

Any girl ­­­­worth her salt has probably kept a journal or two in her time, whether she privately thought of it as her diary, just a notebook, or a pile of random napkins and Post-its (me!), it provided an outlet for thoughts and feelings that needed to be voiced.

What I love about Z.Z. Rae’s book is that she took the traditional, time-honored concept of the journal and blended it together with keeping a dream journal (which I just started talking about in my Metaphysical Monday videos!) and incorporating messages that come through from angels and guides to create a useful reference that serves us all.

The book spoke directly to me from the start, when Angel Jamuel says to value yourself, and to pay yourself for your hard work. I recently published my first novel (One Brave Thing ) and when I was considering the pricing of the book, Angel Jamuel must have spoken to me through a friend, because she said exactly the same thing to me! I spent five years writing the book! That was worth a lot! It’s a reminder that ‘Hello? There needs to be an energy exchange!’

The idea of one’s money issues in adulthood having originated in childhood via one’s parents’ ideas about money comes up in Chapter 8. I love that every issue addressed in Z.Z.’s book has a tool at the end to help you work with that concept. The idea of ‘acting as if’ is a tool of transformation that I already use quite often. I will consider including Angel Morgan (Chapter 21) in my ‘acting’ in the future!

This book can be read linearly, from start to finish, or you can browse and let your intuition guide you to the chapter or passage that you most need to read at any given time.

This is a great book for writers because it speaks to our fears. What the author calls the ‘what if’s’, I call ‘second guessing’ and ‘talking myself out of’ writing that. The second chapter’s Angel Chamuel’s prayer I already wrote in my, um, journal.


The third chapter brings in one of my other great loves: the ocean.  Other chapters address the concept of supply, expansion, lack, emotions (this reminds me of Esther’s work with Abraham, reminding us to search for better feeling emotions). There is always enough. The universe is abundantly unlimited…limitless! (embed song).

Some takeaways from the book:

  1. Act ‘as if’.
  2. Write down your ideas.
  3. Know your worth.
  4. Listen to your intuition.
  5. Go with your gut.

Time honored advice. It’s good to be reminded.

Some of the angels names were familiar to me, and some were new. It’s nice to meet new angel friends. I recommend this gentle book. Keep it next to your bed.

Or, you know, next to your journal.

GUEST POST: The World is Fascinated by Angels by Z.Z. Rae

And why shouldn’t we be?

VIENNA - JULY 3: Guardian angel with the child paint from side altar in baroque Jesuits church from 18. cent. on July 3, 2013 Vienna.

VIENNA – JULY 3: Guardian angel with the child paint from side altar in baroque Jesuits church from 18. cent. on July 3, 2013 Vienna.

Angels have been a mystery that the known world cannot explain.

I began a journal a couple months back, during my meditations. Nothing too special about that, right?

Well, in this journal, I asked the angels for guidance about wealth. As a result, I put the guidance together and formed my new book: Angel Guidance for Wealth.

I was thrilled and excited to share this with people. Here is a sample of guidance I received.


Angel Chamuel

Everyday hold a picture in your heart of what you desire. Not the absence of that which you desire, but see yourself living with it, holding it, and walking in it. When you pull that which you desire into your heart, and let love flood you, it will start coming toward you at a higher rate. I know it feels slow at times—but the more you pull it toward your heart and believe you have it, it will come rushing toward you at a higher paced rate. Believing is the key to prosperity in your life. I know you’ve heard that before. I know you’ve heard that you need to try affirmations, and while affirmations have many good traits, you must also hold the picture inside of you that says—I have it. Some may scoff at your living-it-right-now attitude, but pay them no attention.

You can read more if you follow this link to my brand new book:

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I hope you enjoyed this guest post by Z.Z. Rae! FREE book is available for only a few more days!

Following the signs

I saw an ad for an open house at a local business and felt an inexplicable urge to go. Since this year I made the commitment to not argue with my intuition, I went. kissing angelsOn the way, I was talking to my husband about my paternal grandmother who died in 2004. After we got there, I poked around and found a pair of kissing angels in one of the boxes marked “Attic Sale”. Immediately, I got that huge welling up of emotion (complete with inappropriate public tears) that I know is my intuition telling me that something big is happening and I need to pay attention.

When I was a little girl, my grandmother took me to a Christmas bazaar where I saw and fell in love with a pair of kissing angels. Nana bought them for me and I was beside myself with joy. I loved them.  Shortly after that, I had to go to the restroom and when I closed the door of the stall, I dropped my bag and the angels were smashed.

Nana tried to comfort me but, needless to say, I was inconsolable.
Fast forward to 2015, and my Attic Sale angels.

I know this was Nana saying Hello.

In case I had any doubt, the next day I was in a thrift shop and a bell caught my eye. When I looked at it more closely, I saw that it said “Avon Calling” on the handle of the bell.

Nana was an Avon Lady in the (I believe) 1940’s…and I was an Avon Lady in the 1990’s.

Pay attention to the signs; it could be your Angels calling.