Clearing your energy

I went to a class at Lavish Earth Holistic Center and Crystal Showroom in Westbrook last weekend. The topic was Beginning Energy Workshop.pendulum 1First,  Amy taught us all a method of clearing ourselves that was new to me. I have used it often since the class–every day, in fact! I love it.

Then she talked about the ceremony of using crystals as part of energy healing, and I thought, YES! YES! YES! This! I love how she added a new dimension for me to how I do this work.
An added bonus to this class was being able to choose a new pendulum. I got an unusual looking Amethyst pendulum that seemed as if it was looking at me: there is a darker circular area that to me looked like an eye. This reminded me of the third eye, so I chose it.  Full disclosure: I also chose it because the 5 pendulums prior to that said “No” when I asked them if they wanted to work with me.

Sad but true.

I also got to visit the crystal showroom for the first time and she has some wonderful pieces there. It’s nice to just be present with the stones.

Amy has a crystal affirmation card deck for sale that I bought last year and love. I have used them prior to giving oracle card readings for a client. I’ll pull a card to see what crystal they might benefit from and gift them with it after our session.

Lavish Earth cards

Bottom line: If you ever have a chance to take a class with Amy, I highly recommend it.

Check out Amy’s Facebook page!



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