The 81st day of my first 100 days of GRACE

I was driving with my daughter this morning on a quick errand, when she asked me this question:

Izzy: What is the significance of June 19th?

Me: Why do you ask?

Izzy: It’s been on my mind and I can’t think of what it means.

Me: It’s your great grandmother Emily’s birthday.  

Nana Emily

Izzy’s middle name is Emily. so I reminded her that this is my grandmother whom she was named for. Next, I mentioned that I had a dream about that Nana a few days ago.

And then this  happened: A black pick up truck passed us with the license plate: GRACE

I know! Right? So I told her that from all these signs, it was so very clear that Nana was letting us know that she is with us.




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