Review of Magical Times

magical timesI have a lot of Angel Card and Oracle Decks. Full disclosure: I am a collector of the things that I love.


Up until now, I haven’t been drawn to the fairy cards, at least not to the point of actually purchasing a deck.

Then my friend Stacey gave me this deck, Magical Times Empowerment Cards by Jody Bergsma.  I appreciated the gift, but no thrill of anticipation went through me as I held them.

I brought them home. I put them down. I went on with my life for a few days.
And then.

And then, I heard them calling me. I retrieved them from the shelf. I opened them up. I started working with them and surprise! I really love them! I have been drawn to them again and again to pull a card for the day, to supplement a reading from another deck, or just to hold them.
I pulled a card for you, my readers, tonight:


Is there a situation in your life right now in which you are busy judging? What if you take breath, take a step back, and use all of your senses to understand the facts of what is truly happening, without building a story around it? What does your gut tell you is true? You may have a sheep in wolf’s clothing right in front of you. Sit. Reflect.  Take a moment to go deeper and see beneath the surface to what is real.


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