Angels and pennies

I was at the Community Market with my books today, trying not to feel discouraged by how slow it was, and the most amazing thing happened.

the angel and the penny poem

I had a pocketful of pennies that I brought to make change when I sold a book. The first one that I gave to someone caught my eye because it was very shiny. I thought, maybe it’s a lucky penny!

I emptied all the pennies out onto the table. I had the idea of separating all the very shiny pennies out and to only use them to make change, so I did that.

I had the idea to send some energy through the pennies to charge them up to be lucky for whomever received them, so I did that.

I carefully stacked the pennies up next to the deck of angel cards I had brought with me.

And then, I happened to glance at Facebook, because I was waiting for a message from someone who was due to come to the market, and I saw  that my friend Barbara had shared a poem posted by The Italian-Sicilian-American Page entitled–wait for it–The Angel and the Penny.

I know, right?

I am including it below (from The Italian-Sicilian-American Page on Facebook)

angel and penny poem


I can see clearly now

My dad’s birthday is 5 days after mine. He died a long time ago, on The Ides of March, 1998. My birthday came and went, and I was thinking, as I do every year, how his was coming now too.

On June first, I found a penny on the ground in the Wal-Mart parking lot. I briefly thought, ‘Pennies from Heaven‘, and then forgot about it.

Then next day, June second, was my father’s birthday. I was in my living room and glanced up to see what time it was. I noticed that the time was 9:20am, and then I noticed that the second hand on the clock was stopped. My first thought was: Damn it! It’s a pain in the ass to take that clock down and replace the battery! My second thought was: Oh. Maybe it’s Dad saying, ‘Hi, I’m here.’


So, I stood there and watched the clock. The second hand didn’t move. The time was stuck at 9:20am. ‘Okay, I get it. Hi, Dad,’ I thought. And then I forgot about that.

The next day, today, June third, I was out walking and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a flash of red…a Cardinal! This is an excerpt from about the significance of Cardinals:

‘A cardinal also signifies  a loved one who has passed. It shows up when you need them the most. It’s their way of saying they are here, visiting.’

Wow, right? A trifecta of signs! Dad, you really outdid yourself this year! I did think to check the clock today and the time was exact. The second hand was working just fine. No loss of time for all of those minutes I stood there looking at the stopped clock.


Epilogue: As I was making notes for this blog post, this song came on as part of the webinar about intuition that I was listening to:  I Can See Clearly Now by Johnny Nash.

One of my father’s favorite songs. Hello? Validation. It’s sweet.