Cough Drop Snob

I have had one of the worst colds of my life this winter, and I don't say that lightly. I never get sick!! (So, wait, I guess I can't say that anymore...) At the first sign of illness, I start breaking out all my artillery for prevention and treatment, in case any symptoms persist or... Continue Reading →

Manifesting Money

I was in the drive through at the bank with my husband, waiting while the teller was counting out our deposit. While I was waiting, I started thinking: "I am a money magnet!" and  "Wealth is just pouring into my life at a rapid rate now!" Why not? I had to sit there and wait anyway.... Continue Reading →

Wish rocks

I first learned about wish rocks years and years ago from an article about them I read in a magazine (sorry, I forget which one) by (I think) Pamela Redmond Satran. A wish rock is a rock that has a stripe that goes all the way around the circumference of it. It can be thick... Continue Reading →

You’re grounded!

As I took my third (fourth?) significant fall down my icy  back stone stairs, I wondered what the lessons here are that I keep not getting, which causes me to continue to repeat this fall. I decided to spend some time thinking about this today. Here are the messages I got: Slow down. Pay attention.... Continue Reading →


Maybe the first name that comes to mind when  you think of affirmations is Louise Hay, but maybe the first name you think of should be your own. What exactly are affirmations, anyway? Simply this: something that you tell yourself, over and over. We all use affirmations every single day, whether we know it or... Continue Reading →

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