I recently wrote about losing my joy rock that my friend Kristen gave me when she was visiting this summer. I stopped looking for it, because I had the thought that it would show up again when I started finding joy in my life again.

Also, I have lately been trying to figure out how to bring together my author activities and my metaphysical nurse activities and have it all under one umbrella. I have been following impulses and acting on ideas, some successful, and some, not so much.

joy rock

And then I had the idea to look for it in the small case I keep in my pocketbook that contains my business cards, and there it was! Nestled in between both stacks of cards.

I feel certain that this is a sign! I hope I get the message.



For many years, I was fortunate enough to be part of a small group of women who practiced yoga together at the home of the instructor

Me and Kristen, photo by Bill Creamer

Me and Kristen, photo by Bill Creamer

(and my good friend) Kristen. We were together at least one day per week and we laughed, cried, supported each other, and cheered each other on to be, on any given day, the best we could be.

Then Kristen moved away. Our group disbanded. We were (and are) very sad about this. After many years of practice with my teacher, I was now a woman without a yoga class.
Recently,  I was blessed to be able to revisit the past.
Kristen came to Maine to visit for 2 weeks and was kind and generous enough to spend 3 of her mornings practicing yoga with us.
She also had a small pouch of stones with her. She asked us each to pull one. I pulled JOY.
Which I loved! And then promptly lost. As I looked through all of my (millions of) bags trying to find it, I realized that this whole episode is a metaphor for my life right now: looking for joy in all the wrong places.
I remembered that at the last Enlightenment Expo, I had a conversation with an Angel Intuitive who told me the Angel of Joy was with me because…wait for it…I didn’t have enough joy  in my life. And that was in APRIL! Note to self: Work harder on this!
Yoga at the Wells Harbor Gazebo was a good start.

Clearing your energy

I went to a class at Lavish Earth Holistic Center and Crystal Showroom in Westbrook last weekend. The topic was Beginning Energy Workshop.pendulum 1First,  Amy taught us all a method of clearing ourselves that was new to me. I have used it often since the class–every day, in fact! I love it.

Then she talked about the ceremony of using crystals as part of energy healing, and I thought, YES! YES! YES! This! I love how she added a new dimension for me to how I do this work.
An added bonus to this class was being able to choose a new pendulum. I got an unusual looking Amethyst pendulum that seemed as if it was looking at me: there is a darker circular area that to me looked like an eye. This reminded me of the third eye, so I chose it.  Full disclosure: I also chose it because the 5 pendulums prior to that said “No” when I asked them if they wanted to work with me.

Sad but true.

I also got to visit the crystal showroom for the first time and she has some wonderful pieces there. It’s nice to just be present with the stones.

Amy has a crystal affirmation card deck for sale that I bought last year and love. I have used them prior to giving oracle card readings for a client. I’ll pull a card to see what crystal they might benefit from and gift them with it after our session.

Lavish Earth cards

Bottom line: If you ever have a chance to take a class with Amy, I highly recommend it.

Check out Amy’s Facebook page!


Manifesting Money

I was in the drive through at the bank with my husband, waiting while the teller was counting out our deposit.

horizontal money

While I was waiting, I started thinking: “I am a money magnet!” and  “Wealth is just pouring into my life at a rapid rate now!”

Why not? I had to sit there and wait anyway.  MIght as well make it fun.

Then, we heard her call us over the microphone:

“There’s an extra $70 here. Did you want to deposit that, too?”

Yes! Please!

Thank you, Universe!


BOOK REVIEW: A Still, Small Voice by Echo Bodine

I was in the middle of two other books when I suddenly felt an urgency to read this book. Echo Bodine still small coverI picked this one up and put the others aside. I read another book by this author last year, Hands That Heal, and enjoyed it very much. This book popped up in much the same way, out of the blue. I forget how I even learned about it!

So right at the beginning, Echo talks about listening to her mother. This resonated with me because just this week, I was talking someone (My husband? My daughter? My higher self? I forget!) about how I never listened to my mother. I have no idea why I didn’t. But my mom, as Echo describes her mom, “…always had an uncanny knowing about everything that happened in our lives.”  It was unsettling, I always thought. Now I know why: it was her intuition.

As has been happening so often to me lately, a few things fell into place for me as I read this book. On page 62, Echo talks about when you hear a voice call your name out loudly and distinctly and then when you turn to see who it is, there’s no one there. This has happened to me! The most dramatic instance was when I was awakened from a sound sleep by someone yelling, “Karen!”

I woke right up. There was my husband, clearly out cold, next to me. I waited but then I asked him in the morning anyway if he had yelled out my name in the middle of the night. Of course, he had no idea what I was talking about. He was asleep! Echo describes this as hearing with your psychic ears. Aha! This really does happen! It has happened to other people, too!

The bright white light I have recently  begun to see in meditation also was als clarified for me in this book, on page 84.

Anyway, I enjoyed this book very much and I think you will as well. I highly recommend it.



Remember when the CDC released its conclusions from the study conducted to look at the link between autism and the MMR vaccine? I do. I remember getting a very strong feeling that what they reported was a lie.

Guess what? I wasn’t the only one. Del Bigtree is among the others that also had questions. Concerns. Also, so many parents, who brought their normal child in for the MMR vaccine and took their changed, possibly forever, child home with them.

This movie is not funded by “Big Pharma”. What does that mean? It means that you will receive the facts.

Interested? Go see the movie. It’s only playing in Cinemagic in Westbrook in Maine until June 30th. Thanks to my friend Laurie for the heads up on this!

Want to get involved? Click here for the VAXXED call to action:

Watch this interview with the producer Del Bigtree on YouTube:

Which crystals to bring to your book sale

I was packing up my stuff to bring to my book sale and signing, when it occurred to me that maybe some of my crystals wanted to come with me. Which ones, though? I could see that the rose quartz was dying to come with. Rose quartz is all about love, and so is my book. Loving others, but also loving oneself. Rose quartz? You are so coming to the party.

book sale crystals

Citrine was another no-brainer. Hello? Prosperity!!! Abundance!!! Bring it.

Celestite: Calming. Aids communication. Yes, I need that. I added it to the pile. I also wore a blue lace agate necklace. This stone helps with clarity and communication as well. I love it!

blue lace agate

Finally, orange calcite. Helps balance shyness and brings joy. YES! I need that too!

Oh, there was one more: moss agate. Just because it wanted to come. And it’s green. You know. The color of money.

It is a book sale, after all.


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